Prenatal Partner Workshop

The birth of your baby is one of the most impressive events, it connects you for life. However, it can also be very exciting if you do not know exactly what to expect. A good preparation can help you and your partner to make a great experience together.


The partner workshop consists of

In this workshop that you do together with your partner, you will learn what to expect during the delivery and what your partner can do to guide and support you. You learn postures together to; deal with contractions and giving birth, pressing techniques, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and massages. You will also receive practical tips and explanations about the various phases of delivery.


It's a 2 hour workshop together with your partner. You can sign up for this workshop whenever you like. The partner workshop is given every 3 months and is accessible for everyone, experience with yoga is not required (for both pregnancy yoga students and non-course participants).


Workshop is held in Den Haag on

Bevallen doe je samen Vansi.jpg

Sunday from 11.00hr to 13.00hr, the 13th of oktober 2019

Location Haags Yogacentrum, Sillestraat 13, The Hague

For you together you pay €45. For non course participants €55


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Giving birth is a very intimate and beautiful moment, by learning how you can respond to each other, you learn to support each other and it will become a delivery of you together.

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