Mom Flow Yoga

For many women, life has changed dramatically once they have become mothers. It can be quite a puzzle to combine all those different tasks. Mom yoga is meant for all women who like more balance and harmony in their lives and want to create peace and attention.


Mom yoga combines hatha yoga and mindfulness exercises. The lesson is great because you can take all the time for yourself. The yoga exercises help your body to gain more strength and let the energy flow again. The mindfulness exercises encourage you to develop a sense of trust and conscious attention in the here and now. You will experience more peace in your body and more space in your head.


The lessons are certainly not only meant for young mothers, all mothers are welcome! Besides, it is a place to exchange experiences with other mothers, which is often experienced as very valuable.

What does Yoga & Mama do for you:           

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  • Yoga exercises that strengthen your abdomen, pelvis and pelvic floor     
  • Build up of strength, firmness and flexibility throughout the body
  • Yoga postures that balance back, shoulders and neck
  • Restorative postures, these postures can, among other things, help with sleep deprivation, balance hormones, calm the nervous system and promote blood circulation
  • Practicing conscious attention
  • Deep relaxation, peace and attention for yourself


It is a continuous yoga class of 75 minutes and accessible to everyone, experience with yoga is not required. You pay € 150 per 15 lessons or € 70 per 6 lessons. 


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A moment for you as a mother; experience relaxation, tranquility and conscious attention for yourself. This allows you to enjoy all the beautiful things again and

you can be the mother and partner you want to be

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  I choose to be relaxed,

      calm & confident

    during Motherhood



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