Prenatal yoga

Being pregnant is something very special, for a while you are two. Your body is undergoing a lot of changes and carries your baby in all her love. Combining your pregnancy with physical exercise and mental relaxation will increase your overall sense of wellbeing and joy. Prenatal yoga encourages and supports you to make this process a positive, consciously way to prepare you for the birth. You become aware of the deep strenght and trust in yourself that you use for childbirth, and at the same time you learn to relax.


During the pregnancy yoga class you will learn:

  • Hatha yoga exercises that will build and maintain flexibility, suppleness and strength 
  • Relaxation and concentration exercises to experience your pregnancy mindfull and to feel peace during your birth 
  • How to focus on breathing and the way you can use your breath during the delivery. 
  • Develop a sense of trust and surrender of what your body requires of you and the conference that you can do it
  • There is attention and care for yourself and your unborn baby
  • Tips to resolve prenatal complaints in a natural way 
  • Practical and theoretical preparation about what you can expact during pregnancy, delivery, birth and the postpartum period 

Prenatal yoga consists of 

Ongoing classes of 75 minutes. You can join whenever you like, however we do recommend to start between 12 and 25 weeks. You can follow the classes just before giving birth. The lessons are for beginners aswell for women who have experience with yoga. Classes are in small groups, which ensures close contact and personal attention.


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Classes are in Den Haag, Wassenaar & Leiden on

Location de Kern, Kernstraat 2A,  Leiden

Mondayevening from 20.30hr tot 21.45hr (NL-EN speaking)

Location Zijlwatering, Burmanlaan 71 in Wassenaar.

Wednesdayevening from 19.00hr till 20.15hr (NL-EN speaking)

Location Haags Yogacentrum, Sillestraat 13, Den Haag

Tuesdayevening from 18.45hr till 20.00hr

Saturdaymorning from 10.30hr till 11.45hr

Saturday from 12.00hr till 13.15hr (English class)


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The lessons can be booked from your first class up to 2 weeks before your due date. Decrease between 12-18 classes is preferred for proper preparation. Loose lesson/trial class €15. For a continuous lesson serie from 4 lessons or more you pay €13,50 per class. And from a continuous lesson serie of 14 lessons or more you pay €12,50 per class. In your due month after your series you pay €12,50 per lesson.



Vansi yoga is affiliated with the Association of Yoga Teachers the Netherlands, member of European Yoga Union and Vansi yoga has an AGB code and is therefore nationally registered with the health insurers as a healthcare provider. As a result, many health insurers reimburse all or part of the costs incurred for taking part of this prenatal yoga.

Through awareness you learn to trust, through trust you learn to let go.

If you let go, your body can do its work during childbirth

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