Private Prenatal-, Postnatal- or Partnerlessons

It is possible to follow private (alone or with your partner) prenatal or postnatal yoga lessons.

Together we look at how many lessons you want to take and what the content of the lessons consists of. The lessons take place at location Zijlwatering in Wassenaar or the Haags yoga centrum in The Haque, at your home or your work place by appointment. Privet lessons in combination with group lessons is also possible.


Why private lessons

For instance if you come from abroad to give birth here and want to prepare yourself in a short time for childbirth, you do prefer lessons where and when it suits you, your partner would prefer not to join a yoga class, or you might have very specific questions or would like additional information.


Topics that may be used:

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  • Different hatha yoga postures for your pregnancy and during childbirth
  • Practical and theoretical preparation about what you can expact during pregnancy, delivery, birth
  • Active, -relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Meditation, mindfulness and massage
  • What your partner can do for you during your pregnancy and labor
  • Tips to resolve pelvic complaints
  • After birth and postpartum period
  • The bond with your unborn baby
  • Postnatal yoga (include structure of pelvic-, abdominal-, backmuscles, condition and strength)
  • Parenthood


Private lesson €60

4 lessons €225 or 6 lessons €325

Private lesson together with your partner of friend €75

For 4 lesson €280 of 6 lesson €400

Outside Wassenaar en The Haque north extra travel expenses will be charged.


Extra long private lesson

Do you want to be relaxed in your own environment? That is possible, I will come to your home when it suits you. In this one-time extra long lesson you will recieve information about the different phases of the delivery and postures and how to deal with this. You learn exercises to relax, to intercept contractions and positions that you can use during the delivery. If it is with your partner, we also pay attention to the role of the partner and we do exercises and positions so your partner can support you to deal with your contrations in different stages.


For the extra long private lesson of 2.5 hours you pay €130

For the extra log privte lesson of 2,5 hours together youpay €160

No additional travel costs for a private lesson in the region of Wassenaar and the Haque north.


Do you have questions or want to make an appointment, please contact us

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Part of birthing without fear

   is trusting your instincts


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